Monday, December 8, 2008

Mexican Flavored Matroishkas

I trade on I trade all manner of things, usually I trade Artist Trading Cards, but occasionally I do other swaps. For instance I am working on my Secret Santa packages right now (I have already received some gifts back and I will post those soon). The most unusual project I have worked on recently was the Matroishka Russian Nesting Dolls Set. I was in a Pick a Theme group, and I picked the theme of Oaxacan Animals (from Oaxaca, Mexico). In return I did a traditional Babushka, a coyote, a fairy tale (Princess & the Pea) and Amanda from the Ugly Betty TV series. This picture is the returns I received this week! I am in love with them all!

Sunday, November 30, 2008


Here is a picture of Tanner. Tanner is my roommate dad's dog. He has a huge head and crazy eyes when he is excited. My roommate commissioned me to create this for her dad as a Christmas gift. I created it mainly with NuPastels and finished it off with colored pencils and India ink. I painted it last night at my other, other job at the radio station. There was a parade and so the office was full of folks who were escaping from the cold. So it turns out I had quite the audience. I think I like it better than the reference photo I started with and my roommate was thrilled when she saw it. The text reads "Tanner is ready for a hitch in the field."

Art by Abi

Welcome to my blog! This will be my place to keep everyone updated on artwork of all forms that I am producing. I may also from time to time ramble a bit about my life in general, however this area is mainly focused on my art work.

I am excited to share the experiences I have while creating my work. I find many times it is not only the finished product, but rather the process that defines my work. With that in mind, welcome to my processes and my world.