Friday, March 6, 2009

Go Green!

So this commission is not one of my shining moments, but through the journey I have learned a lot. First, give yourself enough time for problems to arise. Second, try out your process before you accept. Third, correctly assess the actual cost involved in making the pieces. Beyond all this try to be timely and not put things off until you look like an idiot for not having finished things by the first, second or even third deadline.

I guess I have to admit I didn't know what I was getting myself into, yet I feel like I have come through admirably. Having received this commission in August, not hearing if they actually wanted the plates until October, trying to fix a broken mold in November, deciding to get married in December, getting malaria in January, I feel really good at getting everything done by mid-March. OK that is a lie, I feel really crappy at not having finished this in Sept. I am a schmuck and I know it. I did offer to refund the money for the commission several times, but it still sucks how this all worked out.

As I am finishing this large commission this weekend I guess it is kind of cathartic. I have had this looming over my head forever. The only worry I had in Africa when I was getting married was not having finished the plates before I left. I'm not sure how it will feel having finished these, but I think it will feel pretty good. I plan on getting them ready to ship on Monday. Finally.

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